Regulation on the Steering Committee
of the Korean Society of Integration Medicine

(Established on May 11, 2013)

Article 1 (Basis and Objectives of the Installation)

The Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”) is placed to perform business planning and execution smoothly over the overall operation of the Society in accordance with Article 16 in the Articles of Association of the Society. The objectives of the Committee are to deliberate on important matters about the operations of the Society and respond to the consultation from the President.

Article 2 (Composition and Selection of the Members)

  • ①​ The Committee is composed of 15 members or less including six ex officio members (one Director for General Affairs, one Director for Academic Matters, one Director for Finance, one Director for Information, one Director for International Matters, and one Director for Public Relations).
  • ② The Chairperson of the Committee is the President, and members excluding the ex officio members are appointed by the President.
    However, the number of the members prescribed in above 1) may increase or decrease according to special projects of the Society.

Article 3 (Duties)

The Committee may consult the following matters.

  1. Matters concerning budget, settlement, properties, and business plan.
  2. Matters concerning the change in the articles of association and dissolution of the corporate body.
  3. Matters concerning the recommendation of executives and membership acquisition and withdrawal.
  4. Other matters commissioned from the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Directors.
  5. Matters concerning the regulation of the Committee and revision of the regulation.
  6. Awarding members who contribute to the development of the Society.

Article 4 (Term of Office)

The term of office of the Chairperson and members is three years, respectively, and they may serve consecutive terms.

Article 5 (Meeting and Resolution)

  • ① The Chairperson can convene a meeting of the Committee and shall act as presiding officer in the meeting when the Chairperson recognizes the meeting is deemed necessary or upon the request of the majority of the registered members.
  • ② To start the meeting of the Committee, The meeting of the Committee can be started upon the presence of the majority of the registered members. For a resolution to pass, a majority of votes in favor of the resolution is required to pass it. If the vote is a tie, then the Chairperson decides it.
  • ③ When convening the meeting of the Committee, members who are foreign residents or go abroad to work are not included in the registered members.
  • ④ The executives of the Society may attend the Committee and consult the business upon the request from the Chairperson if necessary.

Article 6 (Reporting)

The Committee reports the projects and businesses, budgets, and settlement along with the audit results to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

Article 7 (Other Matters)

Other matters that are not included in this regulation follow the decision of the Committee.

Supplementary Provision

This regulation is effective from the date of resolution at the General Meeting after approval by the Board of Directors on May 11, 2013.