Dear respected members of the Korea Society of Integration Medicine!

Many professionals in health care sectors have made efforts to enhance the health of citizens and prevent diseases as Korea enters the era of $20,000 Gross Domestic Product per capita. However, chronic condition diseases are steadily increasing and the medical cost follows the “high-cost and low-efficiency” structure, which burdens the citizens and does not fully satisfy the patient's needs. Furthermore, general citizens and patients are interested in their health more and more and a great deal of information about treatments and prevention of diseases has been obtained through many sources, resulting in a paradigm shift in medical sectors. Thus, now is the time for many medical professionals to make practical and active efforts to cope with this paradigm shift. Accordingly, the Korea Society of Integration Medicine (KSIM) would like to play a role of the cornerstone in realizing academic achievements, enhancing citizens' health care, and developing the health care sectors in cooperation with many professionals in health care fields who embrace this new paradigm in the era of consilience in the 21st century as we face the reality of paradigm shift.

Keon-Cheol Lee, President
Korean Society of Integrative Medicine