Regulation on the Editorial Board
of the Korean Society of Integration Medicine

(Established on May 11, 2013)

Article 1 (Installation of the Editorial Board)

The Editorial Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) is placed to edit and publish periodical journals pursuant to Paragraph 3 of Article 2 and Paragraph 2 of Article 16 in the Articles of Association of the Society.

Article 2 (Composition of the Board)

  1. The Board is responsible for overall matters concerning editing and publication of the Korean Society of Integration Medicine (KSIM). It is composed of one Chairperson and 10 to 30 members.
  2. The members of the Board shall be composed of professors with Masters or Ph.D. degrees in related fields and on-site experts with more than five-year work experience. Their tenure shall be three years and may serve consecutive terms

Article 3 (Election of the Members)

The Chairperson appoints the members with the recommendation from the President via the approval from the Board of Directors. The members are appointed by the President upon the request from the Chairperson and the resolution of the Board of Directors.

Article 4 (Qualification of the Members)

  1. The members shall have a Ph.D. degree majoring in integration medicine or related field in principle.
  2. If the qualification in the above paragraph cannot be met, the member may be appointed through the recommendation from the President to the Board of Directors by the request from the Chairperson followed by the approval from the Board of Directors.

Article 5 (Term of Office of the Member)

The term of office of the members is three years in principle, and they may serve consecutive terms.

Article 6 (Convening of the Board and Quorum for Resolution)

  1. The Chairperson convenes the Board and shall act as presiding officer in the meeting of the Board.
  2. The Board is opened upon the request from more than one-third of the registered members, and a resolution is passed with the approval of a majority of the attending members. If the vote is a tie, the Chairperson will decide it.
  3. When convening the Board, members who are foreign residents and go abroad to work are not included in the registered members.

Article 7 (Duties of the Editorial Board)

  1. The Board deliberates on matters concerning paper examination and editing to publish the journal of the KSIM, which is the academic journal of the Society, on a regular basis.
  2. The Board may organize and operate a sub-board if needed.
  3. The Board shall submit the business plan to the Board of Directors in the Society and acquire approval from the Board of Directors.
  4. The Board shall report the business results to the Board of Directors and General Meeting of the Society.
  5. The dispatch and reception of all documents are executed by the Director for Academic Matters who is an ex officio director in the Board, and all documents shall be stored in the office of the Society.

Article 8 (Editing of the Journal etc.)

  1. The following items may be published in the Journal.
    • ① Research papers in integration medicine-related fields (musculoskeletal system, nervous system, mental health, health science, and health sports, etc.)
    • ② Review of renowned scholars
    • ③ Research-related advertisements in integration medicine-related fields
    • ④ Other matters determined by the Board
  2. The Board may establish the Instructions to Authors for the Journal additionally and publish the Instructions to the Journal in every publication and may revise the Instruction by a two-thirds majority of the registered members. The reception of papers that do not comply with the Instructions to Authors may be rejected.
  3. The publication of submitted research papers is decided through the designated examination, which is set in the paper examination regulation separately, and the Regulation on Paper Examination of the Journal may be revised by a two-thirds majority of the registered members of the Board.
  4. The editing style of the Journal (front cover, first page and the format and style of letters, paragraph, table, and figure, etc. in manuscripts) shall be standardized based on the Instructions to Authors in the KSIM. To change and execute the Instructions, it requires a resolution with a two-thirds majority of the registered members of the Board.
  5. A corresponding author proofreads the galley first time and then a Board member proofreads the galley second time as a rule. The contents shall not be added or modified during proofreading. However, if editing is required, only the Board member can modify it.

Article 9 (Publication and Distribution of Collection of Papers)

  1. Papers that passed the designated examination procedure are published in the Journal of the KSIM.
  2. The academic Journal is published four times a year (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31) on a regular basis.
  3. The published collection of the papers is distributed only to members who paid the membership fee.

Article 10 (Other Matters)

Matters not specified in this regulation shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Supplementary Provision

This regulation is effective from the date of resolution at the General Meeting after approval by the Board of Directors on May 11, 2013.